About Us

In 2000 I met a boy. I was a senior in high school and he was a sophomore in a neighboring town. Our friends were dating and we met at a birthday party. While all of the guys were playing video games, he broke away from his friends and came to talk to the girls sitting on the couch. Smooth. Very smooth. We dated for a few weeks, spent our first Valentine’s Day together and went to a high school dance. He was sweet but something wasn’t clicking for me, so I ended it and finished out my high school career. 

A few months later I found myself living at home, attending the local community college, and lonely. My friends had all gone off to live at school, so I called him up. We became friends.

Best friends.

For months that was it, until fate intervened (he likes to call it jealousy) and I realized that I had truly fallen for my best friend. Eight and a half years later we had gotten engaged, built a house, and married. Our story leading up to that point was far from simple. It was messy and a lot of work, but it instilled in us the idea that we have chosen to be together, we have worked to be together, and we are dedicated to facing life’s challenges together.


Who are we now, 14 years after our story began? To the blog world we are Mr. and Mrs. Something. A 3D art and animation specialist for an engineering firm and and elementary school teacher. We are happiest when we are doing things together which can be as simple as playing board games with friends or traveling to new places. We have two cats and a dog, which we are kinda crazy about. They add love and laughter to our lives and we couldn’t imagine a home without having “fuzzies” around. Mr. Something is definitely the outgoing and active one, while I tend to be the homebody. We love nature, going for hikes, and Letterboxing

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The creation of this blog in March 2012 marked the beginning of our next adventure together. We are currently pursuing foster care/adoption as the way to grow our family. I am using this blog to log our journey through the process of learning more about this choice and where it may lead us. I welcome any and all feedback and resources you may be able to share on the topic. Thank you for stopping by!



9 thoughts on “About Us

    • Thank you! Writing has always been something that I enjoy greatly. I’m just excited to have a platform for Blogging!

  1. I have read a few posts. I love letter boxing! I have special needs children and I too am a crier. I write everything down now ahead of time toand fight with fury and sometimes cry too. I say sorry for my passion and keep fighting. You will be an awesome foster parent. 🙂

    • Thank you for your kind words! It’s always good to find kindred spirits out here in blog world. I read about your housing plight last night. I can’t believe how everything fell together for you and your family! Someone is looking out for you and sending good karma your way. Best of luck to you!

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  3. Dear Mrs. Something, I nominated you for a Liebster award, you can read about it here: https://cyclingonward.wordpress.com/2014/08/11/the-liebster-award-i-thought-parenthood-was-accolade-enough/

    I also chose your blog as my favorite under 200 follower blog! Can wait to see how your story unfolds with Mr. Something and the Tiny Humans to-be! -Sam

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