If I’m very still I can smell the mountain air…

Hello? Anyone still here? It has been a while, but life on the “Tiny Human Project” front has been quiet for a few months. The classes that we thought we were taking in the beginning of May were indeed the wrong classes. After clarification from our agency rep we chose the correct class session and will be starting tomorrow. 4 1/2 weeks of Tues./Thurs. classes, 6:30-9:30. Knowing that it would be logistically easier to take care of these classes during my summer break we cancelled a trip to Colorado with friends to make them happen. I am trying to not think about the mountain view that I was envisioning for the better part of the last six months. Mark that one on the future parent plaque, “First Sacrifice” accomplished. It seems petty but it wasn’t easy for me to give up this trip. Part of the reason was because when we decided to make it happen we used the idea that this very well could be our last childless summer. A chance for a trip with fellow childless friends isn’t going to present itself every year, this would be our last hurrah! But like all change, I pouted a bit, shed a few tears, and warmed up to the idea of moving forward with these classes.

The confirmation of our registration for the required classes came with a class list. Each session has a different title.

Session 1: Connecting with PRIDE (Parent Resources for Information Development and Education)

Session 2: Teamwork Towards Permanence

Session 3: Meeting Developmental Needs- Attachment

Session 4: Meeting Developmental Needs- Loss

Session 5: Strengthening Family Relationships

Session 6: Meeting Developmental Needs- Discipline

Session 7: Continuing Family Relationships

Session 8: Planning for Change

Session 9: Taking PRIDE- Making an Informed Decision


I’m hoping to post about each session to not only share what this training is all about but to help me remember the wealth of information that we are about to encounter. I love being a student and I’m looking forward to diving in!

Other than that, there is a slow shuffle of furniture, clothes, and boxes in our second bedroom and loft. The two rooms served as office areas and an extra TV room but were never really used and lived in. Cleaning and putting small pieces into place for our Tiny Human Project are making these forgotten spaces in our house have a purpose like never before. I’ll share pictures as they take shape.

For now, I leave you with this view. Memories from past trips will have to do because I know now that our next trip to Colorado, whenever it happens, will be very different!





7 thoughts on “If I’m very still I can smell the mountain air…

  1. One of the best trips of your life will be when you take the same planned trip with your new “Little Something.” Because you will know just how important it is to expose them to the beauty of that region. And they will be better for it, seeing it through your love of the mountains. It’ll all be worth it, as you already know! Have some fun, Mrs. Student.

  2. We’re in week 4 of 9 (11 counting our 2 weeks of adoptions classes that will follow our licensing class). SO happy to find your blog and to find someone who is walking this path at about the same time as we are!
    I appreciate the need to mourn the sacrifices however silly they may seem to someone else. For me, it was hard to give up the thought of a 5 passenger vehicle. I’ve been not so happily driving a minivan for about 5 years now, and I was SO excited about getting a Honda Ridgeline this year. Now that we’re headed toward adoption, we’ll be sticking with a 7 or 8 passenger. It’s just a little reminder of the commitment it’s going to take! Have a great first class!

    PS- the junior ranger programs in the national parks are AMAZING. Our kids love them! The one in Rocky Mountain Natl Park is particularly great!

    • I’m so happy that you found your way to my little blog! I totally understand the mourning over a car. I gave up my Mini Cooper for an SUV. Ah, first world problems! Haha! Thanks for checking in and I’ll have to keep the Junior Rangers Program in mind. It sounds like our kind of thing!

  3. We are so with you, we didn’t vacation last year for similar reasons! It’s hard but we are looking forward to travel with “tiny humans” as you day.

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