The Nuts and Bolts of Foster Care Licensing


I really wanted to put together the type of post that I had been searching for during the waiting game we played before getting the licensing train going. Last week we met with our licensing rep for the first time and were given a modest stack of paperwork. Among the paperwork was a list of the initial documents we needed to pull together. I love lists! imagesI am definitely guilty of adding an item to a list just so I can have the satisfaction of crossing it off.

The first step was to choose a location and dates for the five weeks of required classes. 15 hours suddenly seemed like a very small amount. Shouldn’t the equivalent of a master’s degree be needed to raise ANY child? I am a teacher and a perpetual student, I already know that through reading and reaching out to others I am going to expand that “education” as much as I can.

We were happy to find a location about 20 minutes away. The classes start next week, two days before Mr. Something’s 30th birthday. (I’m sorry, Sweetie, that your birthday week will mark the beginning of this very grown-up journey. I promise, we can completely forget about being adults two days later and celebrate YOU!)

In the meantime here is the list we were given of required documents:

-Medical exams/forms for each of us

-Copy of our marriage certificate

-Vet records, including rabies shots for our two cats and dog

-Copies of our car insurance

-Copies of our driver’s licenses

-Authorization for an FBI background check

-Fingerprint receipts

-A financial worksheet including an outline of all our monthly spending (bills, groceries, gas, etc.)

-Copy of W-2s

-4 most recent paycheck stubs

-Floor plan of our house including measurements

-Proof of first aid/CPR training

-Proof of 15 hour licensing course completion

After going over all of the requirements I asked about the timeline for certification. I almost fell off my chair when she said 3-6 months. Through all of my internet/blog wanderings I had been under the assumption that it would take much longer. In seeing that it took almost 3 months just to meet our rep once we applied, I won’t be surprised if 3-6 months was an ambitious quote, but I was far from ready to think that if we wanted this to happen that soon, it very well could. In my mind I had settled on completing licensing and opening our house to placements sometime after the first of the year. Our life and travel plans also lend itself to that timeline as well. We, of course, won’t be forced to open for placement the moment we are licensed, so I am comfortable knowing that we have some control over our timeline. So, just after the first of the year, the end of January 2014 would put us 9 months from now. I am finding some irony in that number.


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