It’s All I Can Do

Our sad little timeline…

Friday, February 8th- Mailed our application to begin the foster care licensing process.

Tuesday, February 19th- Received email confirmation that our application was received and told that our rep would be in touch within 2-3 weeks.

Thursday, March 21st- (4 weeks later) Sent a “Hey! You haven’t forgotten about us, have you?” email to the director of the agency.

Friday, March 22nd- Received a call from our potential rep. She was incredibly helpful and explained that they were trying to see if someone from their suburban branch would be able to take on our case since we live 53 miles (approximately a 1 hour and 20 minute drive) from their city headquarters. It would be more convenient for everyone. Yes, please. She said someone would get in touch “early next week.”

Monday, April 1st- A week past “early next week” I call her back and ask for any news.

Wednesday, April 3rd- She returns my call and says that, yes, someone (she didn’t know whom) from the suburban branch will be taking on our case and we should be hearing from them soon.

Today, Tuesday, April 9th- Two months after I thought we were getting things “started” and we are no further along than we were then. Mildly frustrated. This is the only agency in the area that even got back to me when I inquired about foster care/adoption licensing. It’s not like we have other options at this point.

So, in the meantime, I continued to work on the second bedroom. It is still filled with haphazard furniture and closet overflow but the notion that it was going to have to be a bedroom at some point was motivating to start getting it in shape. On the one year anniversary of our idea to pursue foster care adoption, Mr. Something and I made a small purchase to commemorate the occasion. The following week brought about a slightly larger purchase for the second bedroom.

Photo Mar 23, 1 36 31 PM

It was a $100 Craig’s List find. Laminate pressboard, a bit worn around the edges, but a good deal. However, the blue, not so much. Cue the Spring Break project! I did my homework and looked into painting laminate furniture. I purchased the following supplies (two cans of each.) The Rust-oleum (LOVE the green!) technically had a primer built in but figuring that I was trying to cover such a dark blue the primer would be a better first step. EVERY blog and website I found about painting laminate furniture started with this Zinsser Primer.

Photo Mar 25, 10 44 39 AM

1. Disassemble, remove hardware, and lightly sand. (I used steel wool because the sandpaper I had on hand wasn’t fine enough. I found conflicting reports on whether this was necessary or not but figured that it couldn’t hurt.)Photo Mar 25, 10 47 29 AM

2. Prime. I followed the directions the can for wait time between coats. It took three coats to get it to this point. I had never spray painted anything before so I was a bit nervous and figured that more light coats would be better than trying to do a heavy coat and getting drips.

Photo Mar 25, 1 31 22 PM

3. Time for color! Again, I followed the directions on the can for the timing of the follow up coats. Overall this project spanned across a few days to allow for dry time. Here is the dresser after one coat. We ended up doing 3 coats of green, emptying the cans.

Photo Mar 27, 4 57 02 PM

I decided to ditch the country-style wooden drawer pulls and ordered a set of brushed nickel pulls with an overlapping leaf pattern. Here is the final product!

Photo Apr 09, 5 10 42 PM (1)


Overall not a bad project. It doesn’t need to last forever but it’s going to help get us started. For now we are waiting for the phone to ring (still!) Perhaps I’ll just keep painting to pass the time. 🙂




10 thoughts on “It’s All I Can Do

  1. I don’t know how encouraging this is or not, but our road to adoption took a long time. Even now, on the cusp of finalization, we’re two months past when it was supposed to be finished. But all of that said, I wouldn’t take back a second if it meant not being blessed with such an amazing and brave and all-around sweet little boy. Hang in there!

    • Thank you! It is encouraging because at this point we have no idea if these kinda of delays are normal. Hopefully when we get on track with classes and the home study it’ll actually feel like we are moving forward!

  2. LOVE the dresser! Hate the wait! My prayers are for your patience, which can be shaky during times like this. It’s that patience that will benefit your cherubs most. I must say, there’s a certain peace I feel when I read your posts. Puts a smile on my face!!

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