Super-Size It

I’m sitting at the car dealer waiting for a body shop guy to buff out a minor scratch that my eagle-eyed Mr. Something spotted on the new car we bought two weeks ago. This new car was a big step for me. For the last six years I’ve been driving a car this big…

Okay, so the size has been a bit exaggerated in this photo but you get the idea. My lease was up and it was time to get something more “practical” so two weeks ago we purchased this…

It’s a *bit* bigger and of course anyone that knows me always remarks, “What a great FAMILY car for you!” I just smile and say, “Yeah, Mr. Something and I can’t wait to get a bigger dog!” I feel like everyone is on baby bump watch around me with my 30th birthday in less than a month, our 3rd anniversary in a month, and now the bigger car. We aren’t publicizing our THP idea yet so it just leads me to drink a lot more at family functions! Can’t be drinking if you’re “trying”! Gotta throw off the baby hounds somehow!

To add fuel to the fire, this past weekend we took a little camping trip (which the bigger car was fabulous for!) Mr. Something and I bought a tent about 10 years ago. it was a $50 Target tent and it had seen better days so we decided to invest in a new one. Amazon was having an amazing sale on Coleman tents so without intention we went from this tent…

To this tent…

Four person to eight person. Slightly ridiculous for just the two of us but camping is something we love to do and all weekend we were secretly high-fiving the future camping trips we’d take with our THPs. It was referred to as our camp condo, our bungalow, and a duplex throughout the course of the weekend. It’s excessive and we love it!

Little pieces of our lives are getting super-sized bit by bit. Mr. Something said he wanted to start looking for an agency over the weekend. It definitely made my stomach flip flop. That’s toeing the line between step 1: educate yourself and step 2: find an agency. There’s still a little more learning I want to do but given the fact that it’s only been three months since I threw the THP idea at Mr. Something over a margarita and a glass of sangria, things are moving along a lot faster than I originally thought. Mr. Something wanted to sit on the idea for a year, I wanted to sit for six months. The fact that we’re both inching forward already is giving me good feelings about the whole idea.

Well, my “family size” vehicle is ready. Time to hit the road and see what’s around the next bend.


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